May 3, 2009

      Soffits and Gables

What underlies the truth we see?
    Soffited eaves and gable overhangs.
In bed, before I go to sleep, I look around for
    the tools to scrape the rot and
      rout the nesting carpenter bees.

Soffited eaves and gable overhangs--
      so long before constructed to protect
        the soft underbelly of my being.
But why should I keep protecting what
    has changed a thousand times or more, since first I built the gable that is my roof
        and my decoration?

So, soffitted eaves and gable overhangs,
    are you ready for reconstruction and repair?
Shall I paint you with lipstick and shadows?
Shall I bare you to the air and look for sunshine?
I don't need to call a handyman
    to fix my soffits and
    paint my eaves and gables,
I will do it myself because,
    after all this time, I may be able.

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