September 13, 2008                   "This domain is under construction."

    My lips twitched, pursed, twisted. I licked them. Then I looked up my domain name (for which there is no website yet): and I found what looks like a website for my "parked page" -- set up by directNIC! They provided the giant lips, and hyperlinks to many search pages for Lip, Chapped Lips, Hot Lips, Lip Injections, Face, Lasting, Plumping, Emu Oil, Augmentation, My Lips, Full Lips, Pink Lips, Big Lips, Bigger Lips, Wet Lips, Dry Lips but, alas nothing about dog lips or barking dogs, or wisdom from the mouths of dogs!!! I've just requested permission to put my own picture (of a dog) on the page, so this may be gone soon, but omigod! it's better than anything the dadaists could have dreamed of! "Lasting Lips" has some particularly cool conceptual links.
    I believe it might be worth it to just buy a dot com address for $15 a year just to be able to enjoy a directNIC parked page for the nonce.

1 comment:

Joseph Young said...

funny how the barktok one has a generic hands-on-keyboard pic. i wonder who's in charge of allocating the pictures for the parked pages. what a job to have!