June 20, 2008

Hands Cut Off Found Floating on Ocean

I read the headline of Googlenews:
Another hand, cut off, found in the ocean...
I was interested in something else that day,
  and didn't read it carefully.
But the image stayed with me: a flotilla of
  hands like the deadly bloom of
  talented algae that glows red and
  kills everything it covers.
Hands that could no longer play piano;
Hands that could no longer caress a lover's cheek;
Hands that could not press the keyboard's magic
  letters to Google news and write blogs.

Who would keep cutting off hands?
I googled "hands cut off" float news but
  already it was too late to catch that
  sickening image. News doesn't last.
But I learned --
  if that's the right word, learned --
That there is a band called Cut Off Hands,
  and they must be popular and
Bands can be called anything at all, and are,
Much to our dismay. The Dog Liver Bleedouts;
The Flea Infested Ivy Boys;
The Carpal Tunnel Rats;
The Crazed Carcinogens.
You wait! They'll be bands sooner or later.

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